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About eCPR:

What is eCPR? An introduction

Use of a Reflecting Team

Emotional CPR Webinar - An Introduction to Assisting Others Through Emotional Crisis

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation (3.98MB)

PowerPoint presentation as a PDF (841KB, 36 pages)

Click here to listen to or download an audio file of the webinar (82.3MB)

Emotional CPR Webinar: Saving Lives, Healing Communities (April 9, 2013)

Daniel B. Fisher Speaks about Emotional CPR
on Cambridge Community Television

Emotional CPR Role Plays:

Role Play # 1 w/Critique - A woman angry at her boyfriend, who is helped by a neighbor


Role Play # 2 w/Critique - A woman, anxious and lonely, helped by her neighbor


Role Play # 3 w/Critique - A man, recently divorced and has lost his job, is helped by a friend


Role play of eCPR by Sam Ahrens and Dan Fisher, in Singapore March 12, 2013

This role play illustrates how when the supporter gets into the present moment, and simulates the movement a person is making, it becomes possible to help both the supporter and the person in distress to find the words that help them describe their distressing feeling, which begins the empowerment process.

Click here for transcript and added comments by Daniel B. Fisher. (PDF, 219KB, 6 pages).

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